Our Claims Services




Our Philosophy We provide claims management services to clients ranging from domestic commercial enterprises to multinational corporates and public sector entities. Whatever the size or nature of the client, we pride ourselves on offering a customized service that reflects the individual needs of every organization with whom we work. Our clients benefit from global account managers working with local specialists who are able to address the issues from a local perspective within a wider global framework. We take a proactive approach to handling claims, ensuring the smooth and prompt conclusion of losses which mitigates the impact for all the parties involved.


We strongly believe that quality and continuous improvement are the driving forces in every investigation. We seek to identify and highlight the risks and exposures so that all parties can implement risk mitigation processes and procedures for the ongoing benefit of all concerned.

Our People Our network of claims adjusters includes former claims managers from various major insurance carriers, adjusters recruited from within the industry and other professionals with the knowledge and hands on experience necessary to handle the largest and most complex of losses.


We pride ourselves on pairing the right adjuster with the right loss. Claims Co ensures that large losses are assigned to adjusters with the proven experience and skill sets to address every facet of a large and complex loss. Our large loss team is thoroughly vetted and each large loss adjuster has a lengthy and documented history of handling large and complex insurance claims from inception to settlement. We pledge to secure the right talent and have them on location as quickly as possible.